Indieshake is an independent music label and tastemaker
Our partners / sub-labels
Urband & Lazar
is a GRAMMY®-Award winning music publishing company. With a worldwide presence and a catalogue featuring world class artists and writers from all over the globe.
The Orchard
is a technology-driven music distribution and artist & label service.
Ate that!
is an electronic imprint, initially inspired by UK house but quickly took a more broad approach with more commercial electronic releases.
Chill that!
is a chill / lo-fi based imprint with several successful big releases and support from major radio.
is an independent music management agency based in Helsinki with a 360-degree approach and over a decade of history.
Noux Academy
is an educational community for like-minded individuals and organizations from the music industry, with a mission to help local talents connect with the global music scene and audiences.
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