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Psychedelic, hook-driven indie rock, inspired by a rainbow of genres. Constantly evolving and changing for.
Fran Lusty is a singer / songwriter from the UK, with a unique voice that soar above mixed with beautiful heartfelt indie-folk soundscapes.
Last Place Runner-ups is a five-piece indie rock band. With tight, punchy drums, jangly guitars and hopelessly romantic vocals, the band walks the line between modern and old school.
A hidden indie gem from the south of Sweden, with his infectious hooks and lofi beats Kye get's you hooked in a matter of seconds.
A folk hero gone rouge. deepaak, aka Martin Forsell is a singer songwriter from Gothenburg, with a voice so unique and beautiful it breaks your heart.
A pop-punk esthetic mixed with modern American influences and the indie-scene of the Swedish 90's.
Dark and epic indie, building dreamy landscapes thru mystical storytelling.
14 years in the making. Dug up from the Swedish indie catacombs to be released into the void of music space. This is “The Hurry & The No Knows".
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This Indie shake is filled with chocolate indie-nuggets and an alternative caramel swirl. Music by people constantly pushing the envelope of modern sound design.
Get lost in tropical vibrations and sip down on this mind bending mango infused trip.
Imagine yourself in a Scandinavian forest, the wild blueberry bushes full of tiny blue marbles. The sound of majesty and mystery echo between the trees.
Feel the smell of sweat and alcohol as thundering guitars and musical drums break down the sound barrier.
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is a GRAMMY®-Award winning music publishing company. With a worldwide presence and a catalogue featuring world class artists and writers from all over the globe.
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is a technology-driven music distribution and artist & label service.
Ate that!
is an electronic imprint, initially inspired by UK house but quickly took a more broad approach with more commercial electronic releases.
Chill that!
is a chill / lo-fi based imprint with several successful big releases and support from major radio.
is an independent music management agency based in Helsinki with a 360-degree approach and over a decade of history.
Noux Academy
is an educational community for like-minded individuals and organizations from the music industry, with a mission to help local talents connect with the global music scene and audiences.
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